to our 2019 Scholarship Recipients! 

Thanks to the generous contributions of many, we are happy to award scholarships to these students from Rocky Vista University. If you are interested in applying or donating, please see the scholarship or donation pages for more info. 

Jeffery Beach

Growing up in the small town of Rye, Colorado, Jeffery was very aware of who the town doctor was. He was the one called upon when anyone needed help, and was always heavily involved with student athletes. Those memories, along with Jeffery’s desire to serve his community, just might lead him back to a small town to practice rural medicine.


Jeffery would like to be the cornerstone of the community by seeing patients, providing free community outreach and helping to promote education and interaction.   He and his future wife have decided that Colorado is the place where they want to join a community and raise their family.

Andrea Cherau

It was on a family camping trip to Colorado that Andrea decided she wanted to make that state her home.  She desperately tried to attend college in Colorado but because of financial restraints, she stayed in Virginia.  But as soon as she had the opportunity, she packed her bags and moved to Denver, where she quickly put down her roots.

As a physician, Andrea would love to continue her work with the homeless, donating her time to provide health care. She will champion health equality and advocate for public health initiatives that benefit the underserved. She plans to continue to teach by mentoring medical students as a preceptor and advising pre-medical students. As always, Andrea will support and promote Osteopathic Medicine by being a leader in the community and an active member in the medical field.

Luke Proctor

Luke has always had a passion for bettering his community, and much of his time throughout medical school has been dedicated to focusing on our youth. Whether it be going to elementary schools with the Food, Fun and Fitness program, speaking to high school students about continuing their education or performing various health screenings, he has always wanted to use his skills and abilities to improve lives. Upon graduation, Luke would like to be a pediatrician who promotes change that can improve the health of children throughout Colorado.

Jordan Wilkes

Starting Medical School was a dream that came true for Jordan.  He is grateful to attend an osteopathic medical school where the ideals of treating a patient while focusing on body, mind and spirit have been reinforced.   Jordan believes that his medical education has been enriched with opportunities to serve the community. Jordan plans to shape his career as a physician around service in his community in order to enhance his ability to connect with others emotionally.  It is his hope to master the art of being a physical healer as well as an emotional healer.

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