to our 2021 Scholarship Recipients! 

Thanks to the generous contributions of many, we are happy to award scholarships to these students from Rocky Vista University. If you are interested in applying or donating, please see the scholarship or donation pages for more info. 

Andrew Black

When Andrew isn’t seeing patients, he thinks about other ways he can become a servant to the community now and in the future and even when he is gone.  In order to do this, he uses his out of the box style thinking to look at everyday tasks completed in medicine and how he can restructure and make the Process more efficient and simplified.  His ultimate goal is to implement his ideas to help the patient.  He has a list of ideas that could save money, lives and waste in every hospital across the country, it is his hope that his inventions will have a lasting event on medicine and the people it serves.

Alex Knippenberg

Born and raised in Colorado, Alex is extremely passionate about this great state. He is committed to practice medicine in rural Colorado.  In doing so he will be able to combine his passion for medicine, community and the great outdoors in places that he loves.  Ten years from now his vision is to be practicing in Salida or another similar Colorado location as a general surgeon, mentor, educator and advocate.  

Schultz_Tess (1).jpg
Tess Schultz

Tess aspires to provide hope!  Her goal as a physician is to stand with her community telling them “I am here to fight for you”!  Investing in a community as a physician should encompass so much more than providing medical aid:  it involves building relationships, health education for all stages of life, advocating for those communities who do not have a voice and so much more.  She is determined to be a beacon of hope by her personal interactions and her heart to serve as a medical provider.

Ross Tanick

Community service in medicine is a major goal for Ross as a medical student, resident and physician.  He has learned that the benefits of doing community service radiate in all directions and improves the lives of everyone involved, the giver and recipients.  As a resident and physician, Ross intends to focus his volunteer efforts on continuing to provide medical care to the homeless and people who have the greatest medical needs.

Wong_Nicole (Fellow).jpg
Nicole Wong

As an adult, Nicole appreciates the impact that being raised in a small town has had on her.  As she moves forward into primary care as an Osteopathic physician, her goal is not only to provide care to rural communities, but to learn and become a part of a community that enables healthy individuals who can work together to build a vibrant community.  Medical school has provided the foundation of knowledge to practice medicine while her past experiences have given her the opportunity to observe the importance of  a healthy community in supporting its members.

Volunteer of the Year

Luke Proctor

Luke has lived in Colorado since he was 12.  He has always wanted to be a pediatrician.  He graduated from University of Colorado-Denver with a B.S. in Biology and a Minor in Psychology.

In June, Luke will begin his Pediatric Residency at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando, Florida. 

After residency, he plans to open his own pediatric practice in Colorado to attempt to combat health inequalities and serve the underserved children that continue to suffer from inadequate health services being offered to them.