Food, Fun, Fitness Event at Bradley Elementary School

Student doctors from Rocky Vista University, Beau, Ethan, and Derek, spent time this last week teaching students at Bradley Elementary school the importance of taking care of their bodies. As future osteopathic doctors, these medical students feel that it is very important to keep your body healthy and functioning properly. The student doctors spent time teaching in the areas of healthy eating, hand washing, oral care, and exercise.


The students absolutely loved learning about healthy foods they can eat. They were so excited to share different foods that they eat at home, and the teachers helped them learn which foods they eat are helping their bodies, and which foods are not good for their bodies. One student yelled out, "green lemons!" when they asked which green foods the children eat. Another yelled out, "Pizza!" when the student doctors asked what white foods they eat (they were really looking at a piece of chicken on the poster that looked a little like pizza from where they were sitting).

Student Doctor Derek teaching the importance of healthy eating

It was so fun to see the interactions of these students with these future doctors. The doctors seemed to learn as much as the students as they learned how to interact with young children and keep them happy for an extended period of time.


The student doctors then spent time teaching the students about their internal body parts. This part was very fun and interactive for the students as they got to share their knowledge of the human body shouting out, "brain!", and "heart!" They would also say cute things like, "My dad guts fish, and I get to help!"


For the next part, the students were divided into two sections. One section was taken to learn about germs on their hands and how to properly handwash, while the other learned the importance of oral care, and how to brush their teeth properly.


Lastly, the student doctors took the students outside and had them run around and get their heart rates up. They then let them listen to their heartbeats to show them how their heart has to work harder when they exercise and how that makes their hearts strong. The students were so excited when they heard their heartbeats and some even came back multiple times to hear them again and again.

Food fun and fitness was a blast for these kids. It was a very rewarding experience for everyone involved. If you're a teacher wanting to get your class involved with this program, please see our Food, Fun, and Fitness page.