Executive Director Phyllis Ring Announces Retirement

We sadly announce the retirement of Ms. Phyllis Ring from the Denver Osteopathic Foundation. Ms. Ring has been with DOF for almost 30 years. Her contribution and work to the foundation has been unmatched. Some of her greatest contributions include becoming the first executive director, bringing relations from the Women in Medicine group, CMS membership, and the Colorado department of Public Health and Environment. She created the program called "Headstrong"(a TBI prevention program for kids). This creating funding and help from CDPHE, CDOT and the Denver Public Schools. She then was able to start the Food Fun and Fitness program with RVU using these relations.

Ms. Ring started with DOF in 1990 after working for the Colorado Medical Society and getting an MBA from the University of Colorado executive program. Her husband is Floyd Ring, MD, retired. She has 2 sons and 2 step children and 6 grand kids. Some of her hobbies include hiking, snow shoeing, reading and walking. She and her husband enjoy traveling and spending weekends in Estes Park when they can.

What do you do as the executive director?

The executive director wears lots of hats. In a small non profit you have to be willing to trouble shoot computers as well as file all charitable government reports, and make sure programs run smoothing. Lots of coordination ;)

How do you feel osteopathy is influencing the medical world?

Osteopathic medicine has strengthened and blossomed in recent years. I attribute a lot of that to having the medical school here in Colorado. There is so much potential for having all these young, brilliant minds to help the Foundation group and do even more good things in the community.

I think the biggest accomplishment is helping children in schools; learn life skills and being healthy, introducing young children to wonderful role model medical students, and in the course of all that, educating parents and teachers about osteopathic medicine.

What will you miss the most?

I'll miss the board members. They are amazing, creative and supportive individuals.

What would you like to say to whoever is taking over your position?

To the next director......you will be working with some very good people that want the best for osteopathic medicine and their communities. Listen and get creative.

What are you looking forward to in retirement?

In retirement I look forward to more travel with Floyd, taking long walks and enjoying the grand children.

We will miss Phyllis but are so excited for her to enter into this next phase of her life. Thank you for all the hard work and everything you did to make DOF what it is today.

In an effort to find a replacement for Ms. Ring, the board has created a Search Committee: Timothy Judd, DO, Karen Davis, DO, Thomas Greene, DO, and Louis Kasunic, DO.

The Board of Directors of the Denver Osteopathic Foundation is searching for an experienced, reliable, and motivated, task oriented Executive Director. The Executive Director reports directly to the board of directors and is responsible for performing administrative duties. The ideal candidate has at least 3 years of experience working in a leadership or non-profit setting, is highly self-motivated, capable of managing their work load and prioritizing tasks in a non-profit environment.

The Search Committee is asking for the osteopathic community’s assistance in finding the best candidate for this position. If you know a person who would be interested please email PRing@ DOFound.org and submit a resume.