An ENT, an Inventor

Today I am so excited to introduce Dr. Gregory Hogle to you today! Dr. Hogle is one of the kindest individuals I have met and I am sure his patients feel the same way.

Dr Gregory Hogle is a practicing ENT in Denver Colorado. He grew up in a very small town in Kansas that was so small it only contained two grocery stores, 3 liquor stores, and so he believed he would be a family practice doctor someday. Dr Hogle went to Medical School at the Kansas City College of Osteopathic Medicine. He served time as a military doctor for the Air Force, and complete a civilian residency at Detroit Osteopathic Hospital. He currently practices at Rose Medical Center in Denver, CO working as Chief.

Dr. Hogle decided to be a DO when he was experiencing neck pain, and a DO was able to solve the problem with just two corrections! He says, “DO School emphasizes treating people like real humans-DO’s are not limited in potential”. Dr. Hogle has worked hard to implement this into his practice and has truly made the DO name shine where he works.

His decision to be an ENT stemmed from a few different experiences. His first was when he was allowed to practice tonsillectomies as a medical student and then later he watched a mastoid surgery and loved it. His passion grew for the specialty in residency as he was able to be a part of many head and neck cancer surgeries.

Dr Hogle is quite the inventor and has multiple patents on projects that he has created. A few of them are a pair of gloves that eliminate the need for double gloving in surgery, a nasal balloon that stops nosebleeds, and a product named Bon-Nare which we will talk about more next week.

I was so glad to meet Dr. Hogle and see his passion for his practice. He is truly helping change the world of medicine from his inventive mind and his desire to make medicine more meaningful and simple.[


Stay tuned with us next week as we discuss one of his amazing inventions, Bon-Nare.

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