Bon-Nare, Pure Nasal Hydration

Do you have patients experiencing nosebleeds, crusting, or nasal dryness? Do you feel like you can't seem to find a product out there that’s just right? Dr. Gregory Hogle felt the same way when trying to help his patients. He observed that gel didn't seem to do much and created a dry, crusting feeling, and saline sprays dry the nose out too much, so Dr. Hogle went looking for the perfect product. When he couldn't find one out there that helped his patients, he decide to create Bon-Nare.

Bon-Nare is different than any product on the market. The product works as a lotion in your nose to soften the inside up and works to prevent crusting and nose bleeds. Unlike other products out there, Bon-Nare is non-irritating and doesn't burn or really even give any sensation! I was able to try Dr. Hogle's product out and instantly knew there was nothing out there quite like this. The product is light and truly didn't bother my nose.

Bon-Nare is a white lotion-like substance that is scent free. It does not require a prescription and can be bought online at or amazon. Bon-Nare contains no toxic or irritating components so it can be used on the most sensitive skin.

This product is the only moisturizing thing for your nose on the market, and while saline sprays, gels, and even irrigation has their purposes, only a lotion can moisturize. Even a petroleum based ointment will only grease, but Bon-Nare will give a non greasy, non oily moisturization to the nose.

Reviews of this product from amazon are as follows:

"I have allergies, sinus problems and my nasal passages are always dry. This product will work great for the cold dry winters up North and the cold dry central a/c down South. I've tried Ayr saline nasal gel but it dries quickly and there's an ingredient in there that I'm allergic to. I've tried NasoGEL by NeilMed which is very watery and also dries quickly. Bon-nare is the only cream I've been able to find out there. It's soothing and leaves the nasal passages moist. I apply it a few times a day and it has made a world of difference for me. It's not surprising that Bon-nare was developed by an actual ENT doctor. If you have the same annoying problem, I urge you to give it a try. Good Luck!"

"Really great nasal hydration for dry weather and easy on the nose."

"I live in a dry climate. I sleep with my window open and Bon Nare helps to keep my nose moist at night."

"Worked great.... just like doctor said it would!"

"Judging by my experience, I would say this definitely prevents nosebleeds. Wonderful nasal emollient. I have a small growth (capillary hemangioma) way up inside one nostril (soon to be removed) that bleeds easily, and it even prevents that from bleeding. Add to that problems from dryness from weather, using VPAP (like CPAP, but fancier, for 2 kinds of sleep apnea), only being able to use nasal pillows, thin nasal lining, and it is amazing that this product has prevented nosebleeds. I definitely recommend it. For my hemangioma problem, I apply it high up in the nostril with a Q-tip very, very gently. Then I massage a little into the nasal septum and elsewhere with the Q-tip. This works for me."

Patients in the following demographics should try Bon-Nare :

  • Western states residents and visitors

  • Airplane passengers and flight crews

  • Downhill and cross-country skiers

  • Runners and hikers in dry or cold weather conditions

  • Persons using oxygen delivered by nasal cannula

  • Women during pregnancy

  • Senior citizens

  • Military personal deployed to desert climates

Dr. Hogle is advancing Osteopathic medicine in the Denver area with his inventive mind. If you or someone you know is working on a project that is helping to advance Osteopathy, please contact us so we can feature them on our site.