2018 May CME Conference

Thank you to all who participated in our CME conference this month! We had many different specialties present and would like to thank all of our speakers. Below is a summary of the day.

Dr. Lora Barke and Ms. Mary E. Freivogel started the day off informing us of the new breast density notification requirements. After their presentation we were able to understand the four different types of breast density, how this influences our screening for cancer (risk and detection), what the best options are for finding and diagnosing dense breast tissue that has turned cancerous, and the positives and negatives of different types of imaging used for diagnosis.

Our next presenter was Dr. Peter Schmid who presented on the cutting edge technology of Botox therapy and application. He illustrated the various ways it can help improve a patients overall mental well being. Additionally, he informed us on the need for experience and further education to properly administer Botox in the office. The DOF Board is considering offering a more in-depth, hands on course this year for DO’s, so keep an eye out for that information.

Dr. Kelly Simpson taught us about Stereotactic Radiation. This is a new form of treatment for cancer patients, which results in significantly less treatments and better outcomes for the patients. This cutting edge technology otherwise known as “cyber-knife”, has been proven to be more effective in cancer treatment, and is also being tested to help with depression and obsessive compulsive disorder patients.

We then learned about lung nodules from Dr. Nitin Gupta. Dr. Gupta discussed what lung nodules are and warning signs for cancer. We learned about how the shape and size are good indicators of cancer and how to evaluate these nodules and manage and treat the patient.

Our final presentation was done by Dr. Timothy Judd and student doctor, Katherine Rose.We were educated on how to treat upper extremity injuries. As OMT is a huge defining part of what makes a DO a DO, it is good to stay updated on the latest manipulations so that we can continue to practice this area of medicine.

A big thanks again to all of our presenters and participants at this years CME conference. We hope to see you all again soon!