Fall for Food, Fun & Fitness

A new school year is in swing and everything has gone pumpkin which means Fall is finally here! For DOF, it means a new year of Food, Fun and Fitness presentations at local schools is underway. The Pediatric Club medical students at RVU participate in this program every year, teaching their future patients about healthy living, anatomy and self-care. The med students have been oriented on the program and have already begun volunteering. Our first presentation this week was at Bradley Elementary in their Early Childhood Education program (what we used to call pre-school). The program always begins with a colorful lesson on healthy eating. One of the most popular components of the program is the hands-on segment which utilizes digestive system organ aprons. The aprons illustrate to the kiddos how food moves through their digestive system. Our RVU students also explained how food is made into energy, then the children enjoyed a healthy snack, learned how to brush their teeth and received instruction about the importance of exercise and hand-washing.

Bringing a healthy snack to the schools is a new part of this curriculum. The teachers were very pleased with this new addition, especially since we leave them the leftovers! Many of the schools we try to present at are in low-income areas of our City, so having extra, healthy snacks around for the children is a great bonus for teachers and students. We also leave each child with a new toothbrush to take home. DOF is looking locally for a sponsor of the snack that we bring. Currently, the cost is approximately $24 per classroom. If any of our members have grocer contacts who would like to donate to our efforts please contact our office. Additionally, we are always looking for pediatric sized toothbrush donations!

Tomorrow we will be presenting a modified FFF presentation at a health fair at Columbian Elementary to two second grade classes. The RVU students will be educating on handwashing and exercise and will also start peaking the children’s interest on careers in the healthcare field.