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The Denver Osteopathic Foundation scholarship program has been in place since 1993.  Prior to the opening of an osteopathic medical school in Colorado scholarships were awarded to 3 and 4 year medical students going to school outside Colorado.


Since the opening of Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2006 the Foundation has offered scholarships exclusively to those students.  RVUCOM is a for-profit organization, unlike many of the other osteopathic medical schools around the country that are non-profit.


The number of scholarships awarded each year is determined each year by the board of directors.  The amount of each scholarship is also determined by the board each year.  Usually at its March/April Meeting.


Scholarships are offered to 3 and 4th year medical students.  The board also considers 2nd year students matriculating into 3rd year and graduating 4th year students.


DOF works with RVUCOM to follow scholarship recipients as they go through residency training after medical school.  It is our hope that they will become involved with DOF when they begin their medical careers. 


Offering Medical School scholarships to eligible and deserving students committed to osteopathic medicine supports our mission to advance postgraduate osteopathic medical education. Please note, the Scholarship Application is due March 15th. To review the Denver Osteopathic Foundation Scholarship guidelines and application procedures, please download the Scholarship Application.


Upon completion of the Scholarship Application, please submit to the Denver Osteopathic Foundation, 8401 S. Chambers Road Englewood, CO  80112


For questions regarding the Scholarship Application, please contact Julie Collett, Executive Director:


Phone: 720-262-3845



to our 2024 Scholarship Recipients! 

Thanks to the generous contributions of many, we are happy to award scholarships to these students from Rocky Vista University. If you are interested in applying or donating, please see the scholarship or donation pages for more info. 


Alyssa Inge

Unlike most, Alyssa took a very nontraditional path to medicine.  During high school she spent her summers carrying golf clubs supporting the Western Golf Association.  Ultimately, she earned their Evans Scholarship and completed degree in Broadcast Journalism at CU.  After graduation she did a series of broadcasting internships where she spent her time conducting interviews in locker rooms and cutting replays in production booths.  But the dazzling allure of being on camera soon began to fade.

She wanted to challenge herself and leave a lasting impact on the people and places in the community she was fond of.  That is when she decided to go into healthcare.  She completed her nursing degree and now is in her 3rd year of medical school at Rocky Vista University.

Alyssa’s interest is in anesthesiology, pediatrics and OBGYN.  She sees her future practice providing individual care to improve the health of communities in Colorado while focusing on preventative medicine, aiding access to care, and incorporating the tenets of osteopathy.


Gavin Kirby

Gavin is a transplant to Colorado from Arizona.  He graduated from Northern Arizona with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biomedical Science and a Minor in Spanish and Chemistry.  His passions outside of medicine include back country skiing, snow/avalanche science, rock climbing, and mountain biking.

Since moving to Colorado, Gavin has had the opportunity to visit many rural communities and looks forward to developing a career serving those communities.  He has taken every opportunity that he has been given to enhance his ability to do so.

His participation in the Rural and Wilderness Medicine Track at Rocky Vista University has given him additional training to prepare him for the various roles he will play as a rural physician in the State of Colorado, including training in local politics and advocacy for his patients.

Gavin looks forward to returning to Colorado as a rural family physician and raising an active and well-rounded family while pursuing professional passions.


Lisa Hopkins

Being born and raised in Colorado, Lisa can’t see herself building a practice anywhere else.  She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Major in Integrated Physiology from the University of Colorado.   Colorado is not only home to her family and her greatest support system it also provides endless opportunities for her, as she intends to pursue a career focused on Sports Medicine.

Lisa wants to be more than a physician, she wants to be an active part of the community; she wants to educate her patients, provide them resources, and make sure they feel comfortable confiding in her with any problem that might have.  She wants to guide her practice towards preventative medicine and optimal states of structure and function.  It is her desire to empower her patients and encourage them to have an active role in their treatment and recovery.

“By inspiring, communicating and networking collaboratively within the community, I hope to bring the Denver Osteopathic Foundation mission to life”.



Meredith Ware

Colorado has been home to Meredith since 2017.  She has grown to love everything that Colorado has to offer and has developed a strong community here.  In 2014, she graduated from the University of Houston, where she was a collegiate volleyball player, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology.  She then attended the University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus where she received a Master of Science Degree in Modern Human Anatomy.

Meredith is driven to find a specialty where she can support adolescents’ physical and mental health as they go through puberty.  Following residency, she hopes to work at an academic institution where she can incorporate research, teaching and mentorship.    In her practice, Meredith would like to incorporate each patient’s physical and mental health considerations into their treatment plans and utilize osteopathic manipulative treatment when it is needed.  She is hopeful that this approach will allow youth to live happier and healthier lives, thus elevating the well-being of her community.  

With her career interests, Meredith believes that they will give her a unique platform to spread awareness about osteopathic Medicine. She believes her medical practice will be a strong reflection of the DOF Mission because of her dedication to holistic patient care, teaching and mentorship.   

4th Year Medical Student Volunteer Award

This award was created by the board of directors in 2015 to support volunteerism among the osteopathic medical students.  The award is usually $1000 but the amount and the decision to give an award is at the discretion of the board members.


Past recipients have been students who volunteered frequently for the food fun fitness presentations at the elementary schools.  Although other volunteering is also considered.




Dr. Christian Clodfelder

Dr. Christian Clodfelder

2023 Volunteer of the Year

Christian is a Denver native and started working in EMS in 2012 and specially pediatrics in 2013.   He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Integrated Biology from the University of Colorado in 2018 and then went on to receive his Master’s Degree from Rocky Vista University in Biomedical Science.  On May 20, 2023 Christian graduated from Rocky Vista University Osteopathic Medicine.

 After graduation, Christian and his wife Meredith are moving to Omaha, Nebraska where he will begin his residency in pediatrics as the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Children’s Hospital and Medical Center.  After residency he plans to continue his training in pediatric critical care or cardiology.  It is his dream to move back to Colorado to raise his family and continue to serve the children and families in this beautiful state.

While at RVU, Christian was Vice President of the Peds Club and was very involved with DOF’s Food, Fun and Fitness Program. During COVID, he along with other peds club members developed videos and a workbook for DOF’s Food, Fun and Fitness Program so that teachers were able to continue to provide the program to their students during the months that schools were online. 

A good healer cannot depend on skill alone. The healer must have correct attitude, sensitivity, compassion and a sense of responsibility.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Elevating the health and well-being of the community, advancing osteopathic medical education , and improving the public’s  understanding of osteopathic medicine. 

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Our Vision

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