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How Can You Support DOF?

We’d love to have you as a part of DOF Community.  Below are ways that you can get involved.



DOF relies on contributions so that we can achieve our mission which is to elevate the health and well-being of the community, advancing osteopathic medical education and improving the public’s understanding of osteopathic medicine.  

Your gift to DOF will be used for:

  • Medical School Scholarships

  • White Coats for 1st year medical students

  • Volunteer of the Year Award to a 4th year medical student

  • Community Outreach Programs  


Be a Board Member

The DOF Board of Directors is comprised of individuals who have a deep interest and are passionate for our mission.  We are looking for individuals with mixed board experience, strong commitment of time and energy and vision and leadership for our organization.  


Attend an Event

DOF sponsors a golf tournament each year to raise money for scholarships.  Become involved as a sponsor, golfer, volunteer or contributor.



Your gift to the Denver Osteopathic Foundation represents an investment in the future.  No matter the size of your gift, your investment makes a difference in Osteopathic Medicine.





Cash gifts:

Cash gifts, whether through a check or credit card, is the most popular and easiest type of gift.  You may make a gift using a credit card online.  Can we put a donate button right here? 

Checks can be sent to:

Denver Osteopathic Foundation

8401 S. Chambers Road

Englewood, CO  80112


Marketable securities:

Giving gifts of appreciated investments from a taxable account offers a unique tax benefit; you are no longer subject to taxation on future dividend and you also avoid the capital gains tax you would’ve otherwise likely paid when you ultimately sold those appreciated shares. 



If you are required to take a required minimum distribution from your IRA and you plan to give to charity, you might want to contribute to charity through your IRA to save on income taxes if you are over age 70 ½. Even if you don’t itemize deductions, you benefit from this strategy because it reduces your taxation income.



Establishing an annuity trust, a lead trust or a charitable remainder trust with CSOF gives you the opportunity to avoid capital gains taxes, and provides a stable source of income to you and/or your beneficiaries.



A carefully prepared estate plan or will is the best way to ensure that your loved ones are provided for after your death, and that your preferred charities are supported as you intended.  Investors may add charities as primary or contingent beneficiaries on retirement accounts.

Life Insurance:

You can donate a life insurance policy to DOF or simply name the organization as the beneficiary. To make a significant future gift at a relatively low cost, you may do so through a new life insurance policy. 


Personal property or real estate:

A gift of real estate may be a principal residence or vacation residence, a farm, a commercial building, subdivision lots or unimproved land. The gift may be the entire property or a fractional interest in the property


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By Mail

Denver Osteopathic Foundation

8401 S. Chambers Road

Englewood, CO  80112


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too.

Tel: 720-262-3845

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